Wrapping Up #HugsforDuchenne 2017

Jett Foundation is feeling all the love - thank you to everyone who snapped, tagged, shared and donated as part of #HugsforDuchenne! Our September-long campaign to collect #HugsForDuchenne generated nearly 1,000 hugs on Instagram, Twitter, and hugfunders.com. Thank you to our generous #HugsforDuchenne sponsors - ICUC Social, Wahlburgers, Novara, Abby Park, and Station Eight who donated dollars to match our hugs and help keep kids and young people affected by Duchenne walking, skipping, jumping, breathing, hugging, and living longer.

Many of our #huggers put their money where their hugs were and donated to our campaign- thank you to our #HugsForDuchenne Hero Club members:

  • Sandra Katzin and her hero Ethan

  • Jean McSherry and her hero Jett

  • Michelle O’Connell in honor of Jack and Ryan

  • Krista Ward in honor of Landon

  • Paula Caruthers in honor of Landon

  • Donna Perkins in honor of Landon

  • Melissa Cornelia in honor of Landon

  • Cornelia Wilson in honor of Landon

  • Marlene Temple in honor of Landon

  • Darlene Ginnett in honor of Donovan

  • Virginia Young in honor of Donovan

Although September is over, Jett Foundation continues to enrich the everyday lives of children and young adults with Duchenne through direct service, education, and advocacy that provides transformative summer camp experiences, alleviates the financial burden of accessibility equipment, and provides empowering educational resources that prepares patients and families can be their own best advocates. Jett Foundation exists to serve the Duchenne and neuromuscular community and to meet unmet needs of affected families, follow our work and stay up to the date on latest news in Duchenne by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Hugs for Duchenne at Training Camp.jpg