Luke and Lance Hains JettRiding for their Brother

luke & lance.png

Meet Luke and Lance: two brothers participating in this year’s Go! for Duchenne JettRide.

Luke and Lance Hains are determined to crush their fundraising and bicycling goals this summer in honor of their little brother, Levi. Levi is 11 years old and has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This year, walking has been hard for Levi and this change has been eye opening for Luke and Lance. Both big brothers are actively involved in sports but it has been hard to get excited when their brother Levi is often not be able to participate.

But, Levi doesn’t let Luke and Lance forget that he will be faster then them soon enough when he gets his very first power chair in the coming months.

“Levi’s a happy kid and we love him. That’s why we JettRide,” said Luke and Lance.

Both brothers are excited to be able to spend time with families just like theirs as they journey across eight states. Their main hope: to show other families that they are not alone.

The Hains’ have already exceeded their fundraising goal of $6,000; you can still support them on their journey by donating on their FirstGiving fundraising page.