How to Find the Best Accessible Outdoor Activities in Your Area

Living with Duchenne can make it challenging to find outdoor activities that your entire family can take part in. We’re here to make sure that you can find the best activities that all of the kids can enjoy together. Have a look at our tips for finding the right place for you below:

For hiking

Trail Link will show you a list of what they believe to be the best accessible trails in your state. Before adding the trail to their website, the staff evaluates its grade, surface, width and the best access points for you. Head to, scroll to the bottom and under ‘Explore by Activity,’ select ‘Wheelchair Accessible.’ From there, you can select your state and choose a trail based on a map that shows the exact location of each trail.



This website lists many accessible hiking trails across the U.S. and Canada, as well as contact information for each one. It has a description of the trail and breaks them up by federal, state, lo and local trails.


Going to the beach



The Shepherd Center

Looking to go on a family beach vacation, but not sure where to go? Check out this article from The Shepherd Center. They highlight the best beaches and access points for some of the most popular beach destinations in the U.S.-- Hilton Head, South Carolina, Sanibel Island, Florida, and California. They also give information to readers about where to rent a beach wheelchair and how much it will cost.


Cory Lee, an accessible travel writer, wrote an article highlighting eight accessible beaches in the U.S. from Hawaii to Michigan. For each, he writes about beach wheelchair rentals, access points and other accessible activities to do in the area of the beach. Take a look at Lee’s piece to see which destination may be right for you and your family.


Water Sports

If you’re heading to the ocean or the lake and you and your family are interested in paddle boarding, kayaking and other water sports, before you leave make sure to do a quick search for adaptive equipment rentals nearby. There are a lot more places than some may realize that carry these types of things. The equipment can be found for rentals between about $25-$40 a day.





If you’re just looking for somewhere to take the kids to burn some energy for a couple of hours, look no further than Accessible Playground’s directory. They have playgrounds on their website from Massachusetts to Singapore, a map to show exactly where the playground is and a link to its website if there is one.

NPR’s Playgrounds for Everyone

NPR also has a section of their website called Playgrounds for Everyone where you can simply type in your address and the closest accessible playgrounds to you will show up in order of distance. Plus, if you know of a great playground that they don’t have listed, you can email them and have it added for other families to enjoy!


More Tips

If you’re not looking to go on a trip and you’re just looking to spend the day somewhere close to home, take a look at your state or town’s parks and recreation website. See if there is a section on it dedicated to accessible recreation. This site will tell you all of the accessible hiking, beaches and other outdoor activities that are available in your area. It may also be able to introduce you to any accessible events that may be going on in your area, which could introduce you to a lot of new things you had no idea your whole family would be able to participate in as well as giving you the opportunity to meet other families in similar situations to yours.