My Jetting for Success Summer

Written by Jack Wolf

I enjoyed the opportunity to be apart of Jett Foundation’s Jetting for Success summer fellow experience. It was a great opportunity to get an inside view of how a nonprofit organization is structured and to learn firsthand about marketing.

"Intern" life polished my skills and ability to work in the field of social media marketing. I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment working as a fellow and seeing my completed work posted online. It taught me to stay focused and work hard no matter what the assignment. I benefited from improving my communication skills; working remotely, as I did, relies heavily on effective communication.

This fellowship helped me to challenge myself because marketing is broad field, so the role was a great way to get hands on experience. It gave me a feel for marketing work and an opportunity to grow and learn. I sharpened my skills and learned new ones along the way, which was the best part to be able to test out the skills I have learned in school. Some of the skills that I learned during this experience were time management, social media analytics, and how to write a blog post.

Jack Wolf working on a writing assignment for Jett Foundation.

Jack Wolf working on a writing assignment for Jett Foundation.

Being involved with Jett Foundation is so meaningful to me. It has taken working to a whole new level of believing in the organization you are working for. I was improving my marketing skills all while working for an organization that strives to make living with Duchenne manageable. I want to thank them for this unique opportunity. I was lucky to land an internship at Jett Foundation which is a great organization with amazing, hard-working employees.

The Jetting for Success mentor program has been invaluable because it gave me the confidence to pursue college knowing I was working in the right direction with the entire college process. Finding scholarships, filling out the applications, and writing the essays can be an overwhelming experience, but knowing my Jetting for Success Mentor, Mr. James Valentine was there to guide me down the right path was huge. He was my advisor and acted as a sounding board, giving me advice as I was maneuvering down the path to college. He was interested to hear my college plans and is a knowledgeable source for working on scholarships and his support meant so much. I was so focused on the process that it was so beneficial to have another set of eyes reviewing my work. Plus he was familiar with what to expect, like giving insight as to what the scholarship committee was looking for with their essays.

Mr. Valentine enjoys his work and is proud of the law firm he works for which is why I knew he would be the right fit to mentor me. He was patient and took the time to work with me. He believes in me and was glad to assist my efforts. We worked through phone calls and emails to correspond. I am thankful for his time and effort in mentoring me. He was there to give me feedback whether it was positive or negative. As my mentor, I looked up to him for guidance and felt like he was my coach. Mr. Valentine helped me fulfill my dream of going to college. I am looking forward to my first semester of college at the University of Akron this fall.

I applied for the Jetting for Success program by filling out the application that can be found at I encourage all to look into this opportunity for themselves!