Jett Giving Fund Presents Procko Family With Accessible Van


Last Friday, the Procko family of Branford, FL, was delivered the gift of a lifetime: an accessible van for their 15 year old son, Evan. At the age of 4, Evan was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a progressive neuromuscular disorder that impacts motor functions. However, Evan and his whole family have never let Duchenne stop him from playing an active part in his local community. 

Those who know Evan best would describe him as a happy and hilariously funny teen. He loves to paint and sells his masterpieces online. Earlier this year, Evan started using a scooter fulltime to get around.  This transition into a scooter meant that whenever Evan traveled by car, his dad and older brother had to lift him in and out of his scooter–a task both strenuous and dangerous. With Evan’s older brother heading off to college this fall and his dad nursing back problems, the Procko’s sought out the help of Jett Foundation and the Jett Giving Fund.


In 2017, Jett Foundation launched the Jett Giving Fund to help families impacted by Duchenne purchase expensive, yet vital medical and accessibility equipment. Oftentimes, health insurance will not cover the costs of accessible vans or other types of equipment, and without them, those impacted by Duchenne struggle to participate in daily activities. With the help of their family and friends, the Procko’s fundraised $21,250, half of the dollars needed to purchase their accessible van. The Jett Giving Fund matched the remaining amount, purchased the van, and gifted it to Evan and his family. 

With the start of school right around the corner, Evan’s new van will make pick up and drop off easier and  safer. The van’s ramp allows him to enter and exit the car without being lifted, making travel for the Procko’s less demanding and allowing Evan much more independence and freedom.

Thank you to our loyal supporters for helping fulfill the dreams and wishes of the Procko family! If you would like to support the Jett Giving Fund, please visit