Gals for Cal Cross Triathlon Finish for 11th Annual Year

2019 Gals

2019 Gals

From athletes to spectators, the 11th Annual Gals for Cal triathlon–sponsored by JB’s Keys to DMD and Ryan’s Hope–was another inspiring, emotional experience for all involved. A group of extraordinary moms tackling Duchenne first hand–including Annie Ganot, Kristen McGourty, Lori Safford, and Lisa Shortlidge–once again rallied their supportive friends and family to make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of families impacted by Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 

This year’s 42 Gals for Cal included not only friends and family of the team’s namesake, Cal, but also Gals for Eytani, Gals for David, Gals for Liam, Gals for Keelan, Gals for Ben, Gals for Sam, Gals for Jett, and Gals for all with Duchenne. Together, they have raised $45,000 so far and over $745,000 since the inception of the team in 2008. Gals all trained, fundraised, and challenged themselves in support of Jett Foundation programs that make a lasting difference in the lives of many impacted by this disease.

The Gals kicked off their weekend celebrating World Duchenne Awareness Day on September 7 in Waltham, MA. During the program, a special banner decorated by children and young adults in the community was presented to the Gals as thanks and encouragement for race day the following morning.

“We are now 7 years post diagnosis and what has become vividly clear to {my husband} Ilan and me is the importance of quality of life,” said longtime Gal, Annie Ganot, mom to Eytani. “Not only do we desperately need treatments to slow down the progression of this monster of a disease, we need to keep our sons in top physical condition, ensure our homes and transport are smooth and accessible and give our boys fulfilling experiences and opportunities. This is where Jett Foundation comes in and the importance of your contribution.” 

Gals for Cal was Jett Foundation’s very first Go! for Duchenne athletic fundraiser and has since inspired so many more teams to run, bike, swim, and even golf for Duchenne. We are so grateful for our Gal, Cindy Quitzau, and her group of friends whose vision and determination founded the Gals in 2008. Special thanks to Annie Ganot and her army of family and friends who continue to grow this team and continue Cindy’s legacy.

There is still time to support the Gals in reaching their $50,000 fundraising goal for 2019. Make a gift to your favorite Gal or the team here.To learn more about our upcoming Go! For Duchenne events, or to start one near you, please visit