Benson Family

Fundraising for an Accessible Van

Elijah (12), Maxwell (8), and Luke (6) are brothers from Goodyear, Arizona living with their parents, Jonathon and Jessica, and sister, Claire (10). All three boys were diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in 2016.

Duchenne is a progressive neuromuscular disorder that causes a loss of motor, pulmonary, and cardiac function. Currently, Elijah can only move his arms without assistance; Maxwell is unable to move himself without assistance; Luke needs help with getting dressed and performing daily routines.

The boys’ Duchenne symptoms have progressed significantly in the last few years. Elijah and Maxwell need a power chair or manual wheelchair to move around and Luke needs lots of help to get himself ready. With their current vehicle unfit for multiple wheelchairs and Jonathon having to lift the boys, the Benson Family cannot safely travel together to clinics, school, or appointments.

“An accessible vehicle would make our lives a little bit easier in the overwhelming world of Duchenne,” says Jonathon. “We currently take two vehicles everywhere we go and our schedule can get very crazy. It can take days just to attend their Duchenne appointments.”

In addition to having an easier transition from their home to school and appointments, the Benson Family looks forward to quality time with one another, such as sightseeing, swimming, and road trips. Jonathon says, “We recently went to a movie theater that had accessible seating in the back with a great view of the screen. Myself, Jessica, Claire, and the boys really look forward to doing things like that together after receiving an accessible vehicle.” 

As participants in Jett Foundation’s Accessible Vehicle Fund branch of the Jett Giving Fund, the Benson Family will raised half the funds needed, or more, for their accessible vehicle and Jett Foundation stepped in to cover the remaining costs and purchase.

The Benson Family has completed their fundraising and received their accessible vehicle! Thank you to all who supported the family in their fundraising efforts.

All donations to Jett Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed under applicable law and is an unrestricted contribution to the Jett Giving Fund. The family is working to raise half the funds needed for their van or more; when they reach their goal, Jett Foundation will cover the remaining costs and coordinate purchase and delivery of the vehicle. Please note that your contribution will be combined with other Jett Giving Fund donations to ensure that each of the children in the Jett Giving Fund initiative benefit from your generosity.

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Your gift helps Jett Foundation provide programming and opportunities, such as Camp Promise, to many families impacted by Duchenne muscular dystrophy each year.

Accessible Vehicle Fund Applications Open