Mary & Jon Go! for Duchenne at the Newburyport Half Marathon


Mary is a nurse at Boston Children's Hospital where she works with patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy every day.  The young men Mary works with have proved over and over again their resilience and grace despite daily challenges.  They all share a powerful but quiet strength that you cannot always see, but can always feel.  Other than that, DMD might be the only commonality among the boys.  They are all unique individuals - some addicted to Boston sports, others addicted to Fortnite; some studious, others who are forever counting down the days until summer.  Despite the physical disabilities that come with DMD, all of these kids are just that... kids.  And that's all they want to be.  They deserve the same opportunities as everyone else their age. That that isn't always easy to do with all of the physical and financial barriers.  The Jett Foundation Giving Fund helps patients with DMD be like the rest of their friends.  The Jett Giving Fund changes lives.

Mary's fiancé Jonathan knows how much each one of her patients means to her, especially those fighting with and against DMD every day.  They hold a special place in her heart.  Mary and Jonathan are running the Newburyport Half Marathon October 21, 2019 to support the important mission of The Jett Foundation Giving Fund.  The most simple, thoughtless task of your day can be a complete road block for DMD patients - please help Mary and Jonathan clear their roads. It means so much. Thank you.