Jett Foundation's Statement on EMFLAZA Launch

Yesterday, PTC Therapeutics announced their plans to launch EMFLAZA (deflazacort) in the coming weeks for a list price of $35,000 per 25 kilograms. 

Jett Foundation's main priority lies with uninterrupted patient access to deflazacort, whether that be through PTC's commercial program or through continued patient access through pharmacies outside the United States, such as Masters. 

We are interested in how PTC decided on this valuation model for EMFLAZA. We hope to work with PTC and other stakeholders, including payers, pharmacy benefit managers, and physicians to gain more clarity surrounding EMFLAZA's price in the coming weeks. 

Jett Foundation will continue to work with the patient community to provide information and understanding around continued access to deflazacort. Questions and concerns from the patient community can be directed to Jett Foundation's Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, Danielle Edwards, at