Industry Partner News: Letter to the Duchenne Community from Roche

Dear Duchenne community members,

We are happy to let you know that recruitment of participants into our Phase 2/3 clinical study (study WN40227) with the investigational molecule, RG6206, has now restarted.

RG6206 is an anti-myostatin adnectin which blocks the activity of myostatin and is given by subcutaneous injection (injection under the skin). Clinical study WN40227 is assessing the safety and efficacy of RG6206 in ambulatory boys aged 6-11 years with Duchenne ( reference NCT030393686).

Study WN40227 is open to new participants in the US and additional study sites in Europe, Australia, Argentina, Japan, the US, and Canada will be opened in the upcoming months.
Please visit and for more information about the
WN40227 study, the countries and sites that are part of the study. You can also read more about our Duchenne programme at

If you have questions about the WN40227 study or about RG6206, please contact me at

Best regards,
Sangeeta Jethwa, MD, on behalf of the Roche Duchenne team
Head, Patient Partnership, Rare Disease, Roche, Switzerland