Thank you for your interest in the Jett Giving Fund. The Jett Giving Fund was established to help meet the overwhelming need in the Duchenne community, to provide assistive technology, vans, and other tangible items that medical insurance often will not cover. In order to help our applicants understand the process, the following fundraising information is provided directly from our application. Once reviewed, if you would like to proceed with the process, please submit an eligibility questionnaire below.

Jett Giving Fund Fundraising Information

Once application is reviewed and approved additional instructions will be provided with regards to fundraising.  This will include instructions for a First Giving fundraising page.  Fundraising requirements are 50% of the cost to purchase equipment, plus an additional 10% of the total towards the Jett Giving Fund, to support future Jett Giving Fund families. A table of examples is below.

Any fundraising that is done before acceptance into the Jett Giving Fund program may, at the discretion of the Jett Foundation, impact the total amount Jett Foundation matches.

Once accepted into the program, recipients will have 30 days to set up a Jett Foundation First Giving Page and begin fundraising. First Giving is a web-based fundraising platform used by non-profit organizations. Any applicant who is accepted, and does not set up page within 30 days may, at the discretion of the Jett Foundation, be removed from the program and will not be able to re-apply. Total funds do not have to be raised in 30 days.

Applicants may personally donate up to 10% of their fundraising goal. We recognize applicants may hold third party events at which cash is received as a donation which may require applicant to write an additional personal check above and beyond the 10%. The Jett Foundation requires an accounting of cash donated including donor name, and contact information (email sufficient) for these transactions.

You will also receive information on doing small scale Third-Party fundraisers at your office or schools. These will require committee approval as noted in the packet. 

If you are interested in doing large scale Third-Party fundraising and would like to work with the Jett Foundation directly on this fundraiser, please contact Jen Shadrick at

Fundraising Requirement Examples

This table is for illustrative purposes only. Your fundraising total may be different than the examples above.

This table is for illustrative purposes only. Your fundraising total may be different than the examples above.

Once you have read and understand the fundraising requirements, to proceed with the pre-application survey click below.