Jetting for Success

Your Dreams, Within Reach

For nearly two decades, Jett Foundation has been at the forefront of patient advocacy, research, and family support. Today, thanks to the work of our partners in the pharmaceutical and philanthropic space, young people diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy are outliving their diagnosis into early adulthood. 

Through countless conversations with young people, parents, and caretakers, we know that there are many young men and women who have had lifelong dreams of attending college, but are concerned that their physical disability presents challenges they cannot overcome to achieve this goal. It is our responsibility to ensure that each and every individual living with Duchenne, as well as all muscular dystrophies and related neuromuscular diseases, have the opportunity to live full lives. This includes achieving higher education, securing a fulfilling career, and becoming leaders in their communities.

Jett Foundation is excited to launch our new program Jetting for Success aimed at supporting young people as they pursue a college education. While Jett Foundation was founded with the purpose to raise awareness and provide programming to young people with Duchenne, Jetting for Success is open to young men and women with any neuromuscular disorder.

Program highlights include:

College access coaching: Jett Foundation will provide College Access Coaching to young men and women starting in 9th grade. Our Coaches will work 1:1 with our teens to identify schools that are able to support their specific needs; will help them secure the resources – housing, transportation, and/or personal care assistants to enable their successful transition into college; will schedule tours for teens and their parents to visit local schools; will support teens as they prepare for the SATs, apply for FAFSA, and identify scholarships; and will help them write and edit their college applications. Once enrolled in college, Coaches will continue working with our young adults, to include pairing them with a Mentor.  

Mentoring: Jett Foundation will pair youth and young adults with a peer mentor – someone who has shared experiences living with a disability. Mentors will help youth affected by neuromuscular diseases navigate social situations, will participate in social activities with them, and will help them learn how to advocate for themselves in school and life. As Mentees progress through our Mentoring curriculum and learn leadership skills, they will be trained to become Mentors themselves.

Career opportunities: In the initial phase of our programming, Jett Foundation will offer two internships to youth living with a neuromuscular disease. In order to qualify for our internships, young adults will need to be enrolled in college courses, and will apply and interview for the position they are interested in. In addition to offering internships, Jett Foundation Mentors and Coaches will work with young adults to refine their resumes and cover letters. 


Applying for the Program

If you are a young person in 9th-12th grade, and interested in applying for the Jetting for Success Class of 2018, please complete the form below. Admission into the program is rolling.


Volunteer Opportunities

Jett Foundation is grateful to the volunteers and partners who have enabled us to launch Jetting for Success. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Jetting for Success coach or mentor, please complete the form below. Note: background checks are required for volunteer mentors and coaches.


Corporate Partnership Opportunities

In addition to offering internships at Jett Foundation, we are currently accepting applications from corporate partners to engage as intern hosts during the Summer of 2018. To express interest in this program, please email Amy Walsh, Director of Business Development at