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Ryan and Jack

Fundraising for a Handicap Van

Our family is in desperate need of a handicap van for our sons.  Jett Foundation will match any contributions received - this is AMAZING!

We have 2 boys, Ryan and Jack, who were both diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  This is a terminal illness with no cure.  The boys will slowly lose their ability to walk,  and their ability to breathe, among other things, before this awful disease takes them from us at too young an age.  

They are both in scooters now almost full time.  We need to take the scooters apart to fit them in our mini van to take the boys anywhere - and we also cannot take our full family at one time to any location as there is not enough room in the van with the scooters.   We would love to travel as a family to our families homes, and to do various activities to give our children a great life while they are with us.

Our daugther, Katie, is also non-verbal autistic which presents its own set of challenges. It is exhausting, but there is nothing we wouldn't do for our family.

We would really appreciate any donations that can be made and matched, so that we can finally bring our boys, with their sisters out together as a family, and not have to take time to take our scooters apart and put them back together.  We will also need this van when the boys eventually move to wheelchairs as well.

Please also check your companys matching ability - search for the Jett Foundation.

Thank you,  
Lisa, Rob, Alexa, Katie, Ryan and Jack

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