Fundraising for an accessible Van

We are in need of a wheelchair accessible van for our son.  Thanks to the Jett Foundation anything we raise will be matched.  This is an amazing organization to be able to do this for Duchenne families.

It was February 2011 when we got the news that our little boy had been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  This was devastating news for our family.  Noah has been our comic relief and made it a little more bearable to deal with what is happening to him.  He was doing well until January 2016, when he slipped getting into the shower and fractured his femur neck.  This result in surgery to set two screws in to shore up the fracture.  The screws have been removed and he is fully healed, but his mobility has decreased to the point where he is using his scooter considerably more than before.  Since the fracture, he has had some trouble with getting into our current van.  A wheelchair accessible van would make it easier for him to just walk right into, when using his scooter he can just drive right in, and when he is eventually in a wheelchair.

Thank you,
Douglas, Shonda, Dori, and Noah

Noah has met his goal; thank you to everyone who supported his fundraiser!


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