Fundraising for a new van

Andrew was diagnosed with Duchenne at age 3. He was like a typical boy and enjoyed being outside and riding his bike. At age 6 he fell off his bike and broke his collarbone, and at age 7 he got his first manual wheelchair. Andrew was unable to push himself and received his first power chair at at 8, and had leg surgery at age 10 and again at 12 which resulted in a broken leg during surgery.

Spinal fusion surgery was required for Andrew at age 16 to keep his heart from being crushed, which resulted in not being able to feed himself, sit up, move his arms or turn his head.

In 2016, Andrew was hospitalized for respiratory failure and was put on a Bi-Pap machine to sleep. During this time, Andrew’s weight dropped requiring a G-tube for feeding.

Andrew loves to play power soccer and plans to get his GED since he had  to dropout of high school due to not being able to physically go. We rely on others for transportation which is difficult, if they do not show up we are unable to make a trip. Having a van will make it so that we can make trips without relying on others for transportation, Andrew will be able to pay power soccer, and he will be able to obtain his GED.

Thank you for your consideration!

Andrew has met his goal; thank you to everyone who supported his fundraiser!