Fundraising for a new van

Avier was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at age 5, it was the hardest day of our life. Before he was diagnosed, I noticed that he was not running, jumping or climbing as well as other children. After two years of repeatedly bringing it to the pediatrician’s attention, we received a referral to a neurologist who diagnosed him with Duchenne. Since Avier was diagnosed, his muscles have deteriorated, he has lost much muscle function and developed scoliosis. He had spinal fusion surgery in September.

Currently, traveling can be difficult; we need to rely on public and medical transportation. Often times, when we take the bus, the wheelchair lift is not operating or they do not strap down Avier’s wheelchair. On the train, people do not provide enough room for his wheelchair to make it on before the doors close. When we take medical transportation sometimes they do not show up and other times, we have to wait an extended amount of time for the transportation to arrive.

A handicap accessible van would make going to doctor’s appointments much easier, we would not have to worry about Avier getting sick due to his weakened immune system and traveling would be safer. It would also help us to be able to go on adventures which Avier loves, along with going out to eat and to the movie theatre.

Thank you for your consideration!


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