Fundraising for a new van


Declan was diagnosed with Duchenne at age 4. He was not running as fast as the other children in his preschool and a physical therapist detected that something was not right. After seeing a pediatrician, Declan was diagnosed.

Now, Declan is in middle school and due to not having a handicap accessible van, Declan can not use his power chair in school, he has to use his scooter which can be uncomfortable and not provide the support he needs. Traveling to school, doctor’s appointments, and in the community is difficult without a van; Declan must use his scooter which we have to dismantle while traveling. With a handicap van, our family would be able to travel in the community, to doctor’s appointments and to school more easily.

Declan loves to watch sports games and travel, which would be made easier with an accessible van. Despite the hardships of Duchenne, Declan maintains his sense of humor and enthusiasm.

We would like to thank all of our friends, family, and other generous donors that have contributed to our campaign to ensure that we can provide Declan with the equipment he needs to live life to the fullest. We are truly grateful for everyone's support, and are excited that we have been accepted into the Jett Giving Fund Program, a matching gift program that helps families affected by Duchenne. We are raising money for a handicap accessible van through this program, and donations through this website will be tax deductible and go towards Declan's van.

Declan has met his goal; thank you to everyone who supported his fundraiser!