Fundraising for a new van

Elijah was diagnosed with Duchenne at age 6 and since age 10 he has been non-ambulatory. Elijah had spinal fusion surgery at  age 15 and since then, his life has changed drastically; he can no longer feed himself, or use the bathroom by himself.

Traveling with Elijah takes two hours to prepare for. Currently, we use a ramp to load his wheelchair to go places and tow straps to secure it to the back of our car. If there is inclement weather, we do not go places due to fear of damaging his wheelchair. Elijah does not like to travel often due to painful transfers, which is affecting his social life. He would like to be like other boys his age and go to the mall, movies and go on dates, but without a van he does not want to leave the house due to embarrassment of being transferred along with the pain.

Elijah works at our family barbershop two days per week, which is all that he can manage due to painful transfers. Elijah would like to attend college but is only interested in online classes to avoid being transferred. With a van, Elijah would be willing to leave the house more which would lead to a better social life, he would be able to work more, attend on campus classes, and he would be able to leave the house despite the weather conditions. A van would also help with our weakening bodies. Our silver lining is Elijah’s smiles, hugs and laughter; there is still hope.  

Thank you for your consideration!