Fundraising for a stairlift

Gabriel is our very happy 7 year old son that is very smart and loves to play video games.  A few years ago, Gabriel was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We first took Gabriel to the doctor’s for his anxiety of large places, after a few visits and some blood work, we were heartbroken to have Gabriel diagnosed with Duchenne.

Currently, Gabriel is enrolled in a clinical trial. Luckily, our family is supportive of one another, helping as much as possible, especially since my recent diagnosis and surgery for colon cancer. My family and I are thankful that I am in remission and able to assist Gabriel. We recently moved to Georgia and have a two story home which makes accessing parts of our home difficult for Gabriel. We would be grateful for a stairlift in order for Gabriel to keep his independence for as long as possible.

Our silver lining is knowing that due to many active clinical trials, a cure is in the future. Nothing makes our family more happy than seeing Gabriel happy and thriving.

Thank you for your consideration!