Ian & Jackson

Fundraising for a new van

Ian and Jackson were diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in August 2009. Ian missed all of his milestones and at the age of 4 could not pedal a tricycle or climb stairs, I knew something was wrong. We were referred to a gastroenterologist due to Ian having high liver enzymes, who then referred us to a neurologist. After blood work and genetic testing Ian was diagnosed with Duchenne. Due to Duchenne being genetic, we had bloodwork done for Jackson also, which indicated that Jackson had Duchenne as well.

Currently, we do not leave the house much due to having no way to transport Ian’s customized power chair. Ian has an old fold up power chair that is too small, not customized for his body and causes him discomfort both in the chair and transferring to the chair, unfortunately we have to use this chair to take him to doctor’s appointments. Jackson has a scooter which can be broken down and transported. I cannot fit both the chair and scooter in the same car which leads to having someone else with a car accompany me in order to have the equipment for both boys. Jackson is losing more strength and is also in the process of getting a customized power chair. Having a handicap accessible van will allow me to take both boys to doctor’s appointments and school using one vehicle and without fear of being hurt.

A van will also allow us to go on family outings to see baseballs games, go to the movies and grab ice cream. Duchenne is difficult but it has given us all strength.

Thank you for your consideration!