Fundraising for a new van

I adopted John at age 4, after meeting him at my granddaughter's school Halloween party. I fell in love with him as he struggled to play with me and talk. John has Asperger’s syndrome and was in need of hearing aids, which I got for him upon adopting him. I adopted John knowing that he has Duchenne; when I found out I knew I had to give John the best life possible. John is one of nine, all but one was adopted.

John is currently enrolled in college courses, taking one at a time studying horticulture. Studying horticulture came from his love on insects and plants, he even has his own garden and makes salsa with its produce with a little help. We have an older van that is falling apart and is uncomfortable for John to ride in. He doesn't like to take public transportation due to his bad joints. With a new accessible van, we will be able to make trips to the National Parks as John desires and John will feel safe while in the van.  

Our family helps our community as much as possible and John participates in the Band of Brothers which raises funds for Romito Foundation sports activities. Getting a new car will allow me to continue to provide John with the best life possible.

Thank you for your consideration!