A Day in the Life of Ali

January 6, 2022


I wake up my camper so she can mentally prepare for the day while I get ready and make her breakfast.


I help my camper get up into her chair and drink her nutritional supplement– she is not much of an early breakfast person. After that I help her use the bathroom, brush teeth, and change into her costume for the day. I fix her hair and make sure she looks good, and all the meanwhile, I’m getting myself ready for the day, too. Then we we’re off to activities by 9:30am.


We go down by the water and hang out with friends for a while. Then we work on creative invitations for camp dance dates and other general cards in Arts and Crafts.


Lunch is fun. I cut up my camper’s food and then we eat together with our cabin mates or with friends from other cabins. We put something scandalous in the Rumor Box every day—it’s so much fun and the rumors get read at lunch and dinner everyday!


During Rest Hour I lay down while my camper does too so we can both regain energy for the rest of the fun-filled day. Or sometimes, while she naps, I take a shower.


In the afternoon we attend the events offered, anything from yoga to self-defense classes. They are really interesting and all accessible. We also grab a snacks at Snack Shack, such as fruit or chips, during this time.


Dinner is probably the craziest of all the meals because we all get so excited for what comes next– the evening activities, such as a costume themed dance, a drive-in movie, or Casino Night. My favorite meal was the Hispanic themed chicken and rice.


The dances are my favorite part, I dress up my camper and dance the night away with my friends and with my camper’s date.


In the purple cabin we start getting ready for bed at 10:00pm by showering, changing into pajamas, and brushing teeth. My camper is in bed by 11:00pm and I stay and help out other counselors in my cabin as with their campers’ bedtime routines.


Sometimes the girls in my cabin stay up talking and scheming, but they usually fall asleep within about an hour. And, some of us counselors regroup outside the cabin to talk about our days and prepare for the next day. I sleep on a mattress on the floor next to my camper in order to be ready to turn her when she calls my name in the middle of the night. Some nights are tiring, like when I wake up and turn my camper about 6-8 times per night.

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