Meet the Team

Headshot of Eric Snyder

Eric Snyder

Executive Director
Headshot of Niki Benfield

Niki Benfield

Camp Promise Operations Director
Headshot of Zac Bentley

Zac Bentley

Marketing and Communications Manager
Headshot of Allison Caputo

Allison Caputo

Director of Finance
Headshot of Maura Carroll

Maura Carroll

Director of Development
Headshot of Gabriella Costa

Gabriella Costa

Director of Marketing and Communications
Headshot of Cori Dubois

Cori Dubois

Marketing and Communications Specialist
Headshot of Meghan Houston

Meghan Houston

Camp Promise Program Director
Headshot of Julie LeClair

Julie LeClair

Community Program Coordinator
Headshot of Alexa Tinsley

Alexa Tinsley

Director of Community Engagement