Jett Foundation Gifts Texas Family Handicap Accessible Van Through Jett Giving Fund

Jett Foundation is delighted to announce our second Jett Giving Success story! Earlier this week, we gifted 12-year-old Aidan Braswell a stair lift for his home in Wylie, Texas. This van will help Aidan, who is in a power chair, safely travel to doctor's appointments, friends and family's houses, and to school, and it will help Aidan remain as independent as possible despite living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 

Equipment Needs

Medical and accessibility equipment can be expensive, and sometimes it isn't fully covered by insurance. Resources are limited for families affected by Duchenne who need medical and accessibility equipment, but posted below are Jett programs and other foundations that are dedicating to equipment to families and individuals affected by Duchenne. 

College Resources

A higher education is key to living independently, broadening horizons, and developing life-long relationships with others. While going to college with Duchenne has it's challenges, we know that young adults living with Duchenne can overcome any obstacle. Check out our resources and recommendations on how to prepare for and pay for your college education.