June 22, 2017
August 13, 2017

Advice for New Counselors and Staff

June 24, 2017

We are getting SO excited for Camp Promise 2017!

As we get ready for one of our biggest camp seasons ever, we have collected a few words of wisdom from our veteran staff to help make this first year for new staff as easy and fun as possible. Here’s what they have to say:

  1. It is okay to be nervous to come to camp for the first time! Campers and staff are there to have a great week and make new friends, so spend some time getting to know everyone.
  2. Camp can be hot, hot, hot! Make sure you stay hydrated and apply sunscreen often. If you are a counselor, make sure you help your camper apply and reapply sunscreen.
  3. Sleep is a magical thing! Camp gets busy, so try to rest up before you arrive and sleep when you have the opportunity during the week.
  4. Never be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is there to help, from other volunteers and counselors, to unit leaders and camp directors, to campers.
  5. Don’t forget to take a little time for yourself when you can with short breaks. The better you feel, the more you can give and participate in camp.
  6. Be prepared to dress up and pack your costumes!
  7. Try to take in every minute of camp and enjoy it because you will be missing it the rest of the year.

For more information about camp before you arrive, check out your Welcome Packet and our FAQs. Before camp officially starts, we also have a great training program at Orientation to help you get prepared and feel excited for the amazing week to come!

–Post by Shannon Healey

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