Camp Promise Spotlight Series with Molly Murphy: Meet Our Camper Ashley

December 1, 2021

Welcome back to Camp Promise Spotlight series! This month we are talking with another of our new campers, a 2 time Camp Promise Connect camper Ashley Fox! Ashley has quickly made herself known in our camp community, and we are very lucky to have her here. We hope you all get to know her just a bit more now!

Camp Profile

  • Name: Ashley Fox
  • Camper or Volunteer: Camper
  • Camps Attended: Connect
  • Years in Attendance: 2 years
  • Cabin(s): Not Applicable

Favorite Things

  • Favorite Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Favorite Color: Mint
  • Favorite Book: A Court of Mist and Fury, books #2 of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series.
  • Favorite Food: French fries
  • Talk Or Text: Text

How would you describe yourself?

A driven, ambitious, caring, kind, sarcastic college kid trying to figure this life thing out.

I know you’re in school, what are you currently studying in school

I just finished my first quarter at the University of California, San Diego. I transferred in from a local community college and I’m majoring in psychology with an emphasis in human health. After I finish undergrad, I plan on getting my Master’s in Sports Psychology with the hopes of working with athletes in the NFL, MLB, or NHL.

What drew you to want to pursue Sports Psychology

I’ve always known I wanted to do something in the medical field, and I knew I wanted to do something with psychology, I just didn’t know exactly what. That was until I researched sports psychology. I’ve never been an athlete, but I know what it’s like to come out of an injury or procedure and have your mind me at war with your own body. I’m able to relate to them which means I’ll be able to assist them through recovery.

If you could work for any team in the sports you want to work in, what team would you pick and why?

I grew up in a football household, there was not a Sunday, Monday, or Thursday where the game wasn’t on the TV during the season. While most of my family turned into 49er fans, I gravitated towards the Chargers. Naturally, the Chargers are my dream team to work for as they’ve been a huge part of my life and a reason for my happiness even in the roughest of seasons.

Is there any interesting skill you have that people may or may not know you have?

Something that people might not know, and something I didn’t even know about myself until recently, is that I love stage design. I had to take some type of art class for college and decided to take an Intro to Theatre Design course. Throughout the entire quarter, we worked on costume design, props, sound, lighting, stage setting, etc. Essentially, designing and creating an entire production of Twelfth Night. It was a lot of work and a lot of trial and error, but it’s been one of my favorite projects I’ve ever completed in my entire life.

What made you want to attend Camp Promise?

After graduating from MDA camp in 2018, I was desperately missing that type of connection and vacation from the daily disabled life. When I went to the SMA conference, some friends and I were sitting around, talking about camp, and one had suggested we looked into Camp Promise and it was just as fun if not more fun. I first attended in 2020 and knew this was something I wanted to be a part of every year whether virtual or not.

What are some of your favorite camp memories?

I think my favorite camp memory was from this past year during camp promise virtual. There was a bunch of sitting around and hanging out, we were playing a game but had gotten distracted with the conversation. I can’t remember what the conversation was about, all I can remember is we were laughing hysterically for a while.

Final question: how would you describe camp in one phrase? What does camp mean to you?

“Comfort and vulnerability”. When going to Camp Promise, even if it’s online, you’re surrounded by people who are living relatively similar lives. It’s the few days out of the year where I can be 100% comfortable in my disabled body without having to prove anything. It’s freeing in a sense to be that level of comfort.

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