Maryland Community Supports Local Superhero

September 21, 2021

Have you ever met a real life superhero? Cooper Klein’s family says he is the closest you could get to one! Cooper was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at the age of 6, and now at 12-years-old has lost his ability to walk. Despite this, his kindness and humor has given him the ability to overcome obstacles with a great outlook on life.

The Klein family from Pasadena, MD, applied to the Jett Giving Fund as it became more challenging for Cooper to get around. As of right now, Cooper primarily uses a foldable manual wheelchair, since the limited space in their current car cannot accommodate his power chair. This leaves no room for Cooper to move independently, since his manual chair requires someone to push him.

Cooper at one of their fundraising events!

Unfortunately, an accessible van, as well as many other necessities to improve the quality of life for kids with DMD, is not covered by insurance. The Klein family struggled with the effort to raise money for the van solely on their own, so they reached out to our Jett Giving Fund program for financial assistance.

The Jett Giving Fund program supports families impacted by Duchenne, and assists them in raising funds for accessible vehicles. After families raise half the funds needed for the cost of the equipment or more, Jett Foundation covers the remaining cost for families accepted into the program. The Klein family ended up surpassing their fundraising goal thanks to the outpour of help and support from their community!

For the Klein family, a safe and accessible vehicle is a complete game changer, as it will give Cooper a sense of freedom again. He will be able to roll right out and zip around whenever he wants to!

“Just keep going! Reach out to local organizations who may be able to assist or lend some exposure to your fundraiser,” says mom, Jennifer.

Not having a proper vehicle has only made Duchenne more isolating for Cooper. The Klein family can’t wait to take their new accessible van out and about, and go on some new adventures!

“We are looking forward to taking a fun family road trip! Destination to be determined! We are SO EXCITED,” says Jennifer!

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Established in 2017, Jett Giving Fund has helped transform the lives of countless families across the country with over $1.8 million worth of accessible equipment and emergency assistance thanks to the generous support of individual donors, local communities, and major sponsors including Cure Dale’s Duchenne, Sarepta Therapeutics, FibroGen, the Flatley Foundation, and the Killian Family.

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