Reintroducing the Team: Get to Know Gabby

March 24, 2021

Reintroducing our Director of Marketing and Communications, Gabriella Costa! Gabby joined Jett Foundation in October of 2017, and has played an integral part in the success of carrying out our mission.

As part of Jett Foundation’s Marketing and Communications team, some personal highlights for Gabby include engaging with families, hearing their stories, and being able to share those stories within and beyond the Duchenne community.

As in-person Jett Foundation events and programs were put on pause as a result of the pandemic, connecting with families went completely virtual. Even though this was unexpected, Gabby has been able to make the most of her time working from home. In fact, it has only increased the need for marketing support, creating a great opportunity to reach and help more families unrestricted by geographical location.

It has been an interesting challenge and exercise to work as a team to find solutions that meet each program and events’ virtual needs. And, because we have gone through this, we know the execution of our mission will be forever changed, blending in-person and virtual programs.

“We know the execution of our mission will be forever changed, blending in-person and virtual programs.”

What she misses most about Jett Foundation events and programs is getting to meet and see families when traveling to Family Workshop Series events or Jett Giving Fund equipment deliveries.

Looking back at some of her most cherished memories with Jett Foundation, Gabby says, “Last February, before the pandemic, Danielle and I traveled to Florida together to meet two Jett Giving Fund families and celebrate the arrival of their accessible vans. It was an incredible weekend full of joy and hope.”

Gabby describes her transition to working from home as quiet, productive, and balanced.

“After two months or so of being full-time work-from-home, I finally realized we were in it for the long-haul so I set up an intentional, dedicated office space in our spare bedroom and that really helped with focus as well as establishing some work/life balance.”

Two things that she would recommend to anyone trying to stay organized are lists and calendars.

Even though Gabby has managed to adjust to working from home with ease, she does miss the in-person connections with her co-workers. “I miss the little things like lunch breaks together or being able to voice a thought that comes to mind right then and there.”

She does have a little furry companion to keep her occupied during the day, however, it isn’t quite the same. “As much as I love my dog, he isn’t the best conversationalist,” she laughed.

When Gabby is taking a break from work she tries to remain connected with her friends and family through Zoom game nights.

Fun fact: She also loves playing board games with her husband. “Our favorite right now is Wingspan,” she highly recommended.

Gabby looks forward to being able to connect with her co-workers, hopefully soon, and all the amazing families that are part of our Jett Foundation community!

To connect with Gabby on all things Jett Foundation marketing, communications, and media relations, you can email her at

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