PTC Therapeutics, Inc. Update on COVID-19 and the Availability of EMFLAZA

PTC Therapeutics, Inc. has shared their latest update on the availability of EMFLAZA in relation to COVID-19 concerns. Please see their statement below.

PTC Therapeutics, Inc.

Update on the Availability of EMFLAZA

March 27, 2020

 We want to assure patients and health care providers that the supply of EMFLAZA has not been affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

As of this update, we have more than a one-year supply of EMFLAZA in stock and available for delivery. In addition, we currently have at least another year’s supply of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) ready for production. EMFLAZA is manufactured nearly exclusively in the United States, with ingredients that are, in most cases, already in the country.

 We are closely monitoring shipping issues in the United States, which could have an impact of delivery of drugs to patients. We will update our patients and health care providers immediately if challenges arise.

 With this in mind, we note that while the supply of EMFLAZA that patients can order at one time can vary, many insurance companies are allowing flexibility in accessing treatment – including allowing patients to refill sooner to support their supply, and allowing prescriptions for a 90-day dispense of medication to ensure continual treatment. Patients are encouraged to work with their doctor to consider whether a 90-day supply is right for them. 

 In the meantime, PTC is committed to ensuring continuity of treatment for every EMFLAZA patient should issues arise. For more information, patients can contact their PTC Cares team at 1-844-PTC-CARES (844-478-2227).

 Providing safe treatments to our patients is our first priority. We know how important access to our therapies is for our patients and caregivers, which is why we are continually looking for the best ways to serve them.

 Everything PTC does is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with rare, difficult-to-treat genetic disorders. For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to providing new, innovative therapies to patients with rare disorders. We are determined to deliver on that commitment.