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With Duchenne being a progressive, muscle-wasting disorder, safe transportation will eventually become near to impossible without an accessible vehicle. Jett Foundation seeks to partner with families to raise necessary funds to obtain this vital item.

Additional Information

When accepted into the Accessible Vehicle Fund program, families aim to raise half the funds needed or more for their equipment. Once families reach their goal, Jett Foundation steps in to purchase the item they need and coordinate delivery.

*Please note, each donation to Jett Foundation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed under applicable law and is an unrestricted contribution to the Jett Giving Fund. Your contribution will be combined with other Jett Giving Fund donations to ensure that each of the children in the Jett Giving Fund initiative benefit from your generosity.

Applications for the 2024 Accessible Vehicle Fund closed on December 15, 2023. Please check back soon for information on 2025 applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Accessible Vehicle Fund is a branch of Jett Foundation’s Jett Giving Fund (JGF), a financial support program for families in the Duchenne community.  Applicants accepted into the Accessible Vehicles Fund program aim to raise half the amount needed, or more, to purchase their requested vehicle. Once their fundraising goal is reached, Jett Foundation purchases the vehicle directly from the vendor and gifts it to the recipient outright.

Individuals or families affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy residing in the United States are eligible to apply to the Accessible Vehicle Fund.

The Accessible Vehicle Fund can ONLY support the purchase of accessibility vehicles. The program cannot help with monthly vehicle payments, replacement parts, or repairs to a vehicle that has already been purchased.

Applications opened on October 30, 2023, for the 2024 program. The deadline to submit completed applications for consideration was December 15, 2023. Please check back soon for 2025 program details.

The “Apply Now” button at the top of this page takes you to the application form when it is available. You may save and resume your application as you fill it out.

For your application to be considered complete, you must answer all of the questions on the application, and submit the following with your application: 

  • Proof of diagnosis (physician’s letter, IEP, genetic report, etc.);
  • Personal information is required, and a detailed background narrative is very important to clearly demonstrate the need for financial assistance.
  • Three quotes from two separate certified dealership/vendors on company letterhead. The invoice should list the make, model, year, and the price of the equipment, the salesperson and their contact information, and your name and address. Jett Foundation will review the three quotes along with the application and make final determination on the funds awarded to the participant.

The applicant and their family are responsible for ensuring that the application is complete and submitted with the necessary documentation. Only applications that are complete (including required attached information) will be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you are having trouble with the application or have questions, please email [email protected].

No, Jett Foundation only accepts applications that are submitted electronically through our website during the open application period. You are welcome to print the application at any time for your own convenience but must submit the final application online.

No, you must submit official quotes from dealership/vendors with certified vehicles for the specific product make, model, and year. The quotes submitted as part of your application must come directly from a dealer consultant on official company letterhead and provide a detailed prospectus of the mobility product recommendations made specifically for you or your child. The equipment cost must be included on this quote. Your name must also be listed indicating that this is a quote drafted up specifically for you or your child.

No, this would violate the anti-kickback statutes that nonprofits are legally obligated to abide by. Jett Foundation will reject any application that implies that this is what the applicant is interested in doing and reserves the right to remove a participant from the program if the organization has any reason to believe that the participant is violating or intends to violate anti-kickback statutes.

Acceptance decisions for the Accessible Vehicle Fund are made by a committee whose representatives include Jett Foundation staff, community members, and select board members. The committee reviews the applications as a group and makes decisions based on the criteria below:

  • Individual has a documented case of Duchenne muscular dystrophy;
  • Individual or caregiver has submitted completed application by the deadline;
  • Individual has documented that they have a significant and immediate need for the vehicle;
  • Individual has indicated in their application that they are highly motivated to raise the funds needed to reach their goal

All applicants will be notified whether they are accepted or denied by email.

If you are selected, your goal is to raise 50% or more of the funds needed to purchase your accessible vehicle. By reaching or exceeding your goal, you and your community are helping us to ensure the longevity of our program and continue providing this support to families in the future.

We understand that your original quotes may increase or decrease over time and as such, your fundraising goals will also change to reflect these additional price adjustments. If the cost of a vehicle is more than 10% than the total amount awarded, the excess amount above 10% will be raised by the JGF participant.

No, all Accessible Vehicle Fund payments will be made directly to the dealership or vendor indicated on the invoice/quote.

Given the significant interest in the Accessible Vehicle Fund, we cannot provide exceptions to the deadline or the application.

Yes, eligible applicants may apply once each calendar year. If you are not selected in one calendar year, you may apply again in the following year. For other funding needs, please visit to learn about other branches of the Jett Giving Fund.

Jett Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and donations may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. All donors receive either an electronic or hard copy receipt upon donation.

We are a public charity and rely on the generosity of our individual and corporate donors for support. Every dollar donated will help bring someone closer to life-changing mobility and freedom! To become one of many generous individuals and corporate sponsors that make this program possible, please email [email protected].

Webinar: Accessible Vehicle Fund Application Process

On October 16, 2023, the Jett team covered the ins and outs of our Accessible Vehicle Fund application process during a Community Webinar. Please click below to view a recording.

Thank you to our 2024 Jett Giving Fund Sponsors:

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our Jett Giving Fund programming, please email [email protected].

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