A Day in the Life of Stephanie-Lynn

April 6, 2017


“Wake up, sleepy head. It’s time to be alive, awake, alert and enthusiastic. Get in your swimsuit buddy ‘cause you’ll be in it all day!”


“Time to go to the pool and check your chemicals… have to make sure the chlorine and everything is at the right levels. Add some if you need to, so everyone can enjoy the pool in a few hours. Oh, and don’t forget to check the locker rooms to make sure they’re clean. No one likes dirty locker rooms. Yuck!”


“Dude! Run up to the cabins and see if any of the cabins needs anything, and pitch in to help counselors get their campers up and ready to go for the day.”


“Flaaaag polllle! Lets sign our hearts out and help everyone wake up!”


“It’s breakfast time! Oooh, don’t forget to drop some notes in the Rumor Has It box to be read at lunch time.”


“First activity: It might be swimming, fishing, or canoeing. Either way, make sure you’re ready with your whistle and life jacket as the first cabin rotates through. I channel my inner Michael Phelps, Katniss and Pocahontas because it’s GAME TIME.”


“Activity slot number two. BE.ON.YOUR.TOES. Get your campers just as excited and remember to interact and engage with them. At the same time, always keep your eyes on your target at all times!”


“Lunch time and Rumor Has it! Better find a date for the activity tonight. It might be a dance, or karaoke or a movie…I don’t know, but you’ve got to get on that, pronto. Also, go check the pool chemicals for afternoon swimming. Must keep your chemicals ON.POINT.”


“Whew, it’s rest hour. You’ve been running around all morning and need a nap for a few minutes to rest. If not, go find one of the directors as there’s bound to be something to do to help prep for the afternoon programs.”


“Round 3 of activities for the day…could be swimming, archery, canoeing, outdoor cooking, etc. They call me Torch, so I’ve got to go set up the fire. And, I get ready to eat many, many, MANY s’mores, cinnamon roles, banana boats and other goodies made on that glorious fire.”


“Round 4 of activities…go check the pool’s chemicals, again. And get ready for open swim when anyone from any cabin can come hang out at the pool. You’ll be everyone’s favorite lifeguard (or counselor for that matter) if you prep some awesome playlists for the week.”


“I can hear the bell… it’s dinner time. Be sure to high-five everyone and talk to every cabin in the dining hall. Listen for Rumor Has It and see what’s going on around camp. There’s so much happening, it’s impossible to do it all.”


“Water activities are done for the day, so go find the program director and figure out what you can do to help out for tonight’s camp-wide night activity.”


“PARTY TIME! You better be up there in the Rec Hall, or on the sports field for Olympics, or even better…at the campfire pit singing and dancing your little heart out, baby!”


“Bed time for the younger campers… I know they don’t want to go, but it has to happen. You can help them get back to their cabins safely and stick around to see if they or their counselors need anything. Then, go back and check the pool chemicals for one last time today!”

9:00PM (Let’s Be Honest, It’s Gonna Be More Like 11 PM):

“The older campers are still awake so go hang out with them or assist any counselors who need help with their camper’s night routine. Sometimes that means driving chairs to be charged or helping campers brush their teeth. Afterwards, you might have a program team meeting, or in the least, check in with the leadership team to learn about tomorrow’s plans. Then you’re ready for bed! It will start all over again tomorrow morning, but you know you love it and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!”

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