THE LUNA PROJECT Comes to Camp Promise

April 1, 2017

Update: 4/1/2017 @ 7:30pm EST

7pm bedtime at summer camp? No thank you! If you bought THE LUNA PROJECT post below, you’ve just fallen for the first prank of camp season. Happy April Fools Day! #yousnoozeyoulose #aprilfoolsday

We are thrilled to announce that we have been chosen as 1 of 7 summer camps in the country selected to participate in The Luna Project, a study by The Stanford Center for Sleep Research. The Center, one of the top in the nation known for exploring the connection between sleep and wellness, is launching this project in partnership with the National Camp Association to see how sleep cycles affect campers and counselors in a camp setting.

“Being selected is an honor and we’re excited to be the “guinea pigs” to help pioneer research in this field,” said Terin Izil, camp director.

As a test camp, you will see minimal changes at camp this summer. Activities will go on as usual, only our curfews and wake-ups will be adjusted. Curfews will be shifted forward, with campers in the Green/Orange Cabins going to bed at 6pm and Black/Blue/Purple will have curfew at 7pm, to meet their requirements outlined by the study. All cabins will be woken up at 5am.

Campers and volunteers at all three camps (especially Camp Promise-West and Camp Promise-Rockies, where the sun sets later) are encouraged to pack a sleep mask, as it will likely still be light out when it’s time for bed.

–Post by Terin Izil

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