CPR2018 Recap

August 10, 2018

Time flies when you’re having fun, and now, in a blink of an eye, camp is over. How did that happen?! If you’re anything like us, now that we’ve all done laundry, slept in our own beds, and had our favorite foods again, it’s time to reflect on another successful session of camp. Let’s take a second to process everything that made the summer of 2018 an unforgettable one.

And not just any summer. This summer was particularly special for us as it was our 5th year of CPR. It was only back in 2014 that Camp Promise-Rockies started, and this summer felt as momentous as sending off a child to kindergarten.

Cabin Color Day, Camp Promise-Rockies 2018.

We have been lucky to see tremendous growth in the past five years. In our first year, we had 14 campers and 20 staff, and we all fit in Homebuilders Lodge. This year, we welcomed 26 campers, 46 staff, and filled every single bed in 5 cabins in Citivan Village. And we’ve seen our community grow, too. Not just by numbers, but our staff and campers have grown, matured, collected life experiences, and developed into wonderful friends over the past five years.

Between the mess and chaos of Kangaroo Court and going on tractor rides, we drank smoothies from Maui Wowi, rode adaptive bikes with Adaptive Advenures, and saw a reptile show from Canyon Critters. We also held two new theme days: Gold Rush (where we all panned for gold, and then spent it at Casino Night), and Animal Farm Day.

Before we dive into back to school, work, and other extracurricular activities, let’s look back at some of our biggest moments of CPR2018 and the things our campers reported doing for the first time ever.

CPR2018 Firsts

Blue Crew, Camp Promise-Rockies 2018.
  • Rode a bike
  • Went tandem biking
  • Went on a tractor ride
  • Tried La Croix seltzer
  • Made sand art
  • Made a stencil T-shirt
  • Flew on an airplane alone
  • Caught 2 fish in one day
  • Saw a huge rabbit (“It was bigger than my face!”)
  • Participated in all of the planned activities on the schedule
  • Dealt black jack
  • Rode the sling hammock on the zipline
  • Became a grandma (Congrats, Boomer, and thanks for being at camp for us!)
  • Made a terrarium
  • Pet a blood python
  • Brushed my teeth outside
  • Won all the BINGO money
  • Had a snake around my neck
  • Got the 1st 5-card Charlie in Black Jack at Casino Night
  • Went ziplining
  • Held an adult tarantula

Before saying “see you next year!” we want to give a huge shoutout to all of our volunteers and staff who gave up a week of their summer to come to CPR2018. Our staff spend the week inspiring and bringing joy to our campers, and they step outside their comfort zones to try new things and be role models for our campers. We couldn’t put on camp without them, and are forever indebted to their sleepless nights, lost voices from cheering and rallying the troops, and their impressive creativity and drive to make our campers’ lives better. THANK YOU!

Want to catch up on all the fun? Check out our daily photo albums on our Camp Promise-Rockies Facebook page.

–Post by Libby Brockman

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