May 19, 2016
June 20, 2016

Happy Birthday, Alyssa

June 14, 2016

Join us in wishing our summer intern, Alyssa, a very happy 22nd birthday today! This summer we have been lucky to have Alyssa helping out in the office during our busiest time of the year. From developing new and exciting camp programs to assisting with our communications, we’re so glad Alyssa joined our team. Make sure you wish her a very happy birthday!

Here are some pretty cool facts about Alyssa and things that were going on when she was born…check them out:

  • Alyssa is a Gemini.
  • She was born on Father’s day.
  • Disney’s The Lion King was released (coincidentally, this is Alyssa’s favorite movie and she even has a Lion King tattoo!).
  • Bill Clinton was president when she was born.
  • She shares her birthday with famous rapper Tupac Shakur (RIP).
  • 110 years (to the day) before Alyssa was born, the very first roller coaster was ridden on Coney Island (this is perfect because Alyssa loves fast roller coasters!)

Happy Birthday Alyssa, we hope you have a wonderful year!

–Post by Libby Brockman

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