Happy New Year from Meghan – Our (Not So New) Team Member!

January 12, 2019

Happy New Year to all of our Jett Foundation’s Camp Promise friends and family members. We wanted to start the year with a welcome from Meghan – our much beloved Camp Apprentice turned full-time team member! Read on to see what’ she’s up to as we get ready for 2019.

Hello Camp Promise and company, Meghan here, reporting live from my new position at camp! Let this blog serve as a check-in. As we are not only transitioning into 2019, we are transitioning into a brand new camp season! I want to take this opportunity to tell you more about where I will play a role at Jett Foundation and Camp Promise moving forward and share some of the new and exciting things to come!

Camp Promise and I are not by any means strangers. In my nine summers with you, I have been your Counselor, I have been your Unit Leader, I have been your Apprentice, and I now write to you all as a year-round, full-time member of the leadership team. All of these different positions not only nurtured a deep-rooted love for camp and for you all, but it also prepared me to take on these new responsibilities. In my role, I will focus on programming from start to finish. As the new season approaches, I am currently working on the schedule and the activities that it will offer. Exciting things are headed your way. Coordinating new theme days and programming to boot, I will be a part of the programming/logistics (ProLo) team while at camp in kind with any other ways I can serve you, our campers and volunteers. I am beyond thankful for everyone’s support over the years, I owe this opportunity all to you.

Meghan jumping for joy @ CPW in 2018.

I know that having new leadership after 10 years may feel different for some of you; change and transition can be challenging and are not without growing pains. But this program is really special and innovative and it’s up to all of us to carry on this legacy of Camp Promise. It may not be exactly the same as when Libby and Terin were here, but Camp Promise welcomes you with open arms and we are really excited for this 2019 season.

Just like at camp, I’m here for you and ready to listen and answer questions you may have about camp or my new position! I do not want to not divulge any spoilers, but please know that I am elbow deep in preparing for camp and lots of fun. I am eager to hear your thoughts. Do you have any ideas for theme days? Are there some favorite activities from previous sessions that you would like to do again? Please share, I am here and ready to listen! You can reach me at [email protected] or on the PIGS line (405-459-7447).

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