The Year of the Pig(asus)!

March 21, 2019

We heard recently that in Chinese culture, this year will be the year of the pig! The pig is the 12th of the Chinese zodiac signs; according to one myth, the zodiac signs were arranged based on the order the signs arrived at the party, the pig being the last to arrive because he overslept. On the contrary, our pig(asus) has never shown up late to a party; but this cultural tradition has us curious about what kind of year Pigasus is going to have. Read on to learn more!

Year of the Pigasus horoscope

  • Overview: The myth about the pig being last to arrive at the party, putting him 12th in line for the zodiac calendar, makes it actually quite special. You see, being last signifies the year of closure or the end of an era. Which seems so fitting that this would be the year of Pigasus. We have just celebrated our 10th birthday; so we are entering a new decade of camp, as we reflect on the last. Taking on a new era can be tough, but we would like to take the approach of the zodiacs and celebrate the coming of a new age in the years to come.
  • Friends and family: Our horoscope states that we should be seeking out new thrills, and new experiences with our friend group. As we have an enormous support system, trying new things and creating memories with our loved ones is in its prime this year. How fitting is that? As some of you may know, we celebrate new experiences all the time at camp, with our “Firsts” board. A place for you to write a little note about something that you have done or tried for the first time while you are at camp. How cool would it be to do this all year long? What are some things you have done for the first time this year?
  • Work: We have our work cut out for us this year folks as we are ending a previous decade of camp, and starting anew. It is said that as long as we keep our goals in mind we will achieve great success and that there are other zodiac symbols that are supporting us on this journey. This seems to be so true for us when we are at camp! We always have each other’s backs. Like when we play pranks at camp, working as a team always seems to have the best results. Like when we band together as many people as we can to saran wrap the programming team’s bunks so that they can’t go to sleep that night. That’s the same thing, right?
  • Love: Now, you won’t be surprised to hear that this year will bring Pigasus new love. As this is a cleansing year, we should be looking for new ways to evaluate our relationships and ensure they are bringing us joy. We don’t want to speak on anyone’s behalf, but as this has been a year to reflect, we feel we can happily look back on all of the love we have shared with all of you through the years. If we can reach all of you in the last 10 years, imagine what another cycle of the zodiac signs will bring!

We are very excited to see these horoscopes come to fruition as this year unfolds. We see so many similarities in what the zodiac signs say about Pigasus as this is his year, to the traditions that are already intertwined into our camp tapestry. But in all good fun, we would love to see how you would like to see our Pigasus celebrated this year. Do you have some of your own new year traditions?

Cheers to a great new year, Pigasus!

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