Welcome, Shannon!

February 3, 2017

We’ve got some great plus one news to share and we are shouting from the rooftops with excitement. Please join us in welcoming our newest Camp Promise team member, Shannon Healey!

As our Camp Registrar, Shannon will manage our enrollment and recruitment efforts, and work closely with Terin and Libby in our office year-round. We’ve done a lot of work redesigning our website and streamlining our application system, and Shannon will be another resource for helping you manage your application and get all the details you need to join us at camp this summer.

So, when you get a chance, join us on the rooftop as we welcome Shannon to our team…shoot her an email (shannon@camppromise.org) or send her some Skittles (see below). We are so glad you’re here, Shannon!

Learn more about her from Shannon herself

Hi everyone! My name is Shannon Healey and I am Camp Promise’s newest team member serving as Camp Registrar. I’m excited to join Camp Promise and help make your camp experience as enjoyable and easy as possible!

Here are some things to know about me

  1. I LOVE heights. Zip lining, skydiving – you name it, I have tried it or it’s on my list to do!
  2. Mexican food is something I can’t be without and have it at least once a week.
  3. I have the same birthday as Tom Brady, the finest quarterback in NFL history (I may be slightly biased since I grew up in Massachusetts).
  4. Summer is my favorite time of year. I love being outside, going camping, going to the beach, and enjoying the warm weather. The hotter the better!
  5. I am a dog lover and have had lots over the years, including a giant Saint Bernard named Corrib.
  6. Skittles are my favorite candy. Yum!

I am excited to join Camp Promise and become a part of this amazing community. Working at Camp Promise will allow me to use my skills and experience in communications and marketing in a new and fun way.

I can’t wait to meet and work with you, so if you have any questions about your application or what it takes to be a camper or volunteer at Camp Promise, just email me at shannon@camppromise.org.

–Post by Libby Brockman

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