Camp Promise Spotlight Series: Meet Our Amazing Campers!

March 24, 2020

Take a break from the news and check out the Camp Promise #CPSpotlight series! Each blog posts highlights one of our campers and what they are doing in their community.

This month, we are highlighting one of our Camp Promise-East campers, Tanis, and his community service project. We had a fun Q&A with him, read on to share in his spotlight!

How long have you attended camp promise-east ?
Two Years.

What is it that you are proud of and wish to share?
My community service project. I have been working in my community to try to bring our parks up to ADA requirements.

How long have you been involved with this community project?
Over 2 years.

What got you interested/started in this graphic design originally?
Not being able to swing at a park in my own town like other kids, this inspired me to make a change.

What are some specific details about your project that people should know?
That the ADA laws pertaining to playgrounds were put into effect over 10 years ago. I have had a meeting with the Parks and Recreation Department and the Mayor. I recently spoke at a city council meeting to address these issues, and because of all of these meetings and advocacy, we are getting a handicap accessible swing and a handicap whirl put in this upcoming spring.

Have you been able to work these skills into your camp experience?
I would like to share my knowledge this year with campers about how I was able to make changes in my community and encourage others to do the same.

What has been your favorite project/part that you have worked on?
I was recently recognized by my Ward 4 City Councilor, Tim Flynn, and named the Assistant Ward 4 Councilor during the Feb 13th Council meeting for my advocacy for the disabled community, and given a city seal. Also, my State Representative, Paul Tucker, presented me with a proclamation from the Commonwealth for my efforts.

How can others support you in your efforts?
To make sure to always include everyone. If there are ways to improve your city for better accessibility and more inclusion, get involved with your city to make those changes.

Thank you, Tanis, for sharing your spotlight with us! We are happy to have heard more about your community service and passions for bettering your community! Are there ways that you can better your city’s parks to promote more inclusion? Get involved in any ways that you can!

Would you like to share something with us for our next #CPSpotlight series? Let us know! We want to celebrate the Camp Promise community and what you do outside of camp, so we can all cheer you on. It can be anything from getting an A on a test, to trying something new. Contact us so we can spotlight YOU!

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