Jett Foundation Enlists Resource Specialists to Connect with Duchenne Community

June 9, 2023

Jett Foundation is excited to announce the development of two new part-time roles within our organization to better support families. Resource Specialists will work with families in our community identifying resources, keeping families engaged with Jett programming, and connecting families to programs and opportunities in their local areas. 

We are pleased to share that Jessica Campbell and Trina Stelly, two moms impacted by Duchenne, will be joining the team in the Resource Specialist role

Trina Stelly, Resource Specialist

As Resource Specialist for Females in Duchenne, Trina will be responsible for managing Jett Foundation’s relationships with females impacted by Duchenne in the community. Her role will assist in connecting women with resources and support as well as coordinating programs and events focused for this demographic within our Duchenne community. 

Trina was born and raised in a small, rural town in South Louisiana. Two of her three children are impacted by Duchenne. Trina brings a unique perspective to her new position as a mom and caregiver, but also as a patient having been diagnosed as a manifesting carrier/female with dystrophinopathy.

“I want the world to know that females affected by x-linked disorders, such as Duchenne, are more than just carriers,” says Trina, “Jett’s mission statement really resonated with me and the fact that they want to help everyone diagnosed with Duchenne including women and young girls.”

Jessica Campbell, Resource Specialist

Jessica Campbell joins the team as a Resource Specialist for the Duchenne Community. In her role, Jessica will be responsible for managing Jett’s relationships with the broader Duchenne community, including connecting them with resources, support, and Jett programming. Jessica will also be responsible for assisting families in the Accessible Vehicle Fund and Emergency Fund with resources in their individual communities. 

Living in Hendersonville, NC, Jessica is raising her two children–including Javon who is impacted by Duchenne–not far from her own childhood home. She has spent over twenty years working in healthcare, mostly long-term/skilled nursing care, before transitioning to the nonprofit sector. Jessica is currently continuing her education in social work.

I look forward to bringing lived experience to the Jett team while identifying resources and helping families navigate difficult systems,” says Jessica. “Mostly, I look forward to being a part of a foundation that continues to pour into those they serve.”

Please help us welcome Trina and Jessica to the team! We look forward to their work in these new roles advancing our mission and supporting more families.

You can read more about Trina, Jessica, and the Jett team by clicking here.

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