Non-Surgical and Surgical Management of the Tight Foot and Ankle

March 30, 2022 4:00PM

Join Jett Foundation’s Community Webinar series as we welcome Susan Apkon, MD, and Carolyn Kelley, PT, from Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Dr. Apkon and Carolyn will be presenting and discussing non-surgical and surgical management of the tight foot and ankle.

Guest Speakers

Dr. Susan Apkon, MD
Chief Pediatric Rehabilitation
Children’s Hospital Colorado

Dr. Susan Apkon is the Fischahs Chair in Pediatric Rehabilitation at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She is also a visiting professor and vice-chair of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dr. Apkon’s clinical focus is on the care of children with neuromuscular conditions. Her research interests are focused on providing novel treatments to children with neuromuscular conditions and has been involved over the last 15 years in clinical trials, some of which have led to FDA approved drugs that are changing the course of pediatric neuromuscular diseases.

Carolyn Kelley, DPT, PCS
Physical Therapist
Children’s Hospital Colorado

Carolyn Kelley, DPT, PCS is a physical therapist at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Her specialty is pediatric neuromuscular disorders, and she also works in the neuromuscular clinics at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Carolyn is a clinical evaluator for neuromuscular trials, including therapy trials for SMA and DMD. She is part of the Children’s Hospital Colorado SMA newborn screening program and foot management teams. Her professional interest is early identification of children with neuromuscular conditions, early mobility and getting children and their families participating in community programming and adaptive recreation. She is a volunteer with Adaptive Recreation for Childhood Health (ARCH) which is a program that helps kids with physical disabilities participate in sports and adaptive recreation.

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