Camp Promise Spotlight series with Molly Murphy: Meet Rebekah!

March 1, 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Camp Promise Spotlight series! This month we are getting to know Camp Promise West camper Rebekah Lovitt. Rebekah has been attending West for a long time, and the community is all the better for having her involved. Join me as we get to know this musical camper just a bit more.

Camp Profile

  • Name: Rebekah Lovitt
  • Camper or Volunteer: Camper
  • Camps Attended: West
  • Years in Attendance: 5 years
  • Cabin(s): Purple

Favorite Things

  • Favorite Movie: Night At The Museum
  • Favorite Band: The Beatles
  • Favorite Food: Thai Food
  • Place to Travel: Rome, Italy
  • Dream Job: Music Therapist

What did you go to school for?

I graduated in May of 2020 from Cornish College Of The Arts with a Bachelor’s in music. I now have my own business and am teaching private voice lessons.

What was your focus within your music degree? What made you choose to go that path?

I got my degree in music, and my focus was in vocal jazz. I have always loved singing, and this was a way I could use my voice further.

Off of your business where you offer private voice lessons, how did you settle on doing that independently instead of working for someone else?

I started my own business teaching music lessons – voice lessons – so that I could have control over how I teach as well as my own schedule and take breaks when I needed. It’s also a good way for me to teach because a lot of studios want you to teach a certain way and this way I can have freedom to take what I learned in my own lessons and just teach it the way I think is best.

You are starting a new dance class for people with disabilities. How did that come to be?

I started private lessons. I’m the first at the studio with a disability, but my instructor was very open to getting to know my disability and accommodate. My first lesson was just seeing how my chair moves and how I move, and from there we just kind of experimented and figured out how to do the regular dances with some modifications. And then throughout our dancing, I started thinking there are probably other people with disabilities who had similar thoughts like me who thought dance was not possible. So I asked my instructor if we could come up with a dance class that we teach in person to show the other instructors, able bodied students and disabled students how they can dance.

What benefit are you finding from your lessons? Besides just learning to dance, has it taught you anything?

I would say that I’ve figured out a new way to move my chair. It’s also let me know that we are not able to do everything – like there are definitely dances I’m not able to do because they have a lot of lateral movement and our chairs don’t move side to side. But with accommodations and modifications, there is a lot that can be done that looks good, and looks beautiful. And I think that’s a good thing to take away: that even if we can’t do everything, just being able to participate is enough.

Could you give us the information for this dance class so if anyone else was interested in taking it, they can get in contact and sign up.

The dance class will be recorded for those who can’t make it in person, but I am hoping to have as many people come in person so it’s not just me demonstrating. It’ll be March 16th, 3:15 PST at Briora Ballroom.

The address is 2260 152nd Avenue North East, Unit 100, Redmond Washington 98052.

What made you start coming to Camp Promise?

I started attending Camp Promise, I think my first year was 2009 when MDA Camp was canceled due to swine flu. I missed a few years here and there in between.

What are some of your favorite camp memories?

I love going to camp and seeing old friends. I also like to try new activities.

Last question, how would you describe camp in one phrase? What does camp mean to you?

Community. Good community and friendship.

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