Mental Health Resource Fair

2024 Date TBD

An opportunity to engage with speakers who host sessions covering topics like self-care, anxiety, grief, loss, and more. 

Mental health issues impact everyone in our community; from parents and caregivers to individuals living with Duchenne as well as healthcare professionals and industry partners. We hope that every member of our Duchenne community will be able to benefit from the sessions and resources available through Jett’s Mental Health Resource Fair. Sessions are open to all, but we have indicated the types of audiences that each topic is tailored to help you navigate through the day and fine-tune your experience.

2023 Schedule of Events

11:00AM ET

Reclaiming and Reimagining Self-Care
Desiree Rew, LCSW, AMFT

Audience: ALL

12:00PM ET

Navigating Anticipatory Grief 
Kelsey Jager, Ph.D.

Audience: Caregivers, Parents, Grandparents, Step-Parents, Individuals 

1:00PM ET

Navigating Grief Around Losses in your Life as a Parent/Caregiver 

Lauren McVicker Fritz, MA, ATR-BC, LPC

Audience: Caregivers, Parents

2:00 PM ET
General Mental Health

General Mental Health Resources 
Kelsey Jager, Ph.D. 

Audience: ALL

4:00 PM ET
Personal Experiences

Personal Experience, Navigating Your Mental Health and Resources
Joslyn Phelps, Jett Foundation Ambassador

Audience: ALL

Keynote Speaker

Desiree Rew, LCSW, AMFT

Reclaiming and Reimagining Self-Care

Desiree Rew is a multifaceted individual passionate about social work, self-care, and community building. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and national speaker on self-care, she is committed to empowering individuals and communities to prioritize their well-being. In addition to her social work and self-care work, Desiree is also a freelance food and travel writer who enjoys exploring new cultures and cuisines, a workplace wellness trainer, and a community steward dedicated to positively impacting the lives of those around her. Desiree’s diverse interests and expertise reflect her deep commitment to making a difference in lives and communities. 

Session Speakers

Abby Brockman, MDiv, BCC

Session: A Practical Guide: Essential Tools For Navigating Grief & Loss

Abby Brockman, MDiv, BCC is a board-certified clinical trauma chaplain. She received her Masters of Divinity from Boston University’s School of Theology, completed her clinical residency at the Seattle VA hospital, and worked as a staff chaplain for many years at Seattle Children’s Hospital on their Cancer Care, Pediatric Intensive Care, and In-patient Psychiatric Units. She specializes in trauma, grief and loss, and end-of-life work and recently started her own private practice. She’s also a long-time Camp Promise counselor and unit leader where she’s known for her relentless jokes, crazy ideas, and commitment to the amazing community. You can check out her daily writing on her LinkedIn profile @Abby Brockman.

Kelsey Jager, Ph.D., LPCC-S

Sessions: Navigating Anticipatory Grief & General Mental Health Resources

Kelsey A. Jager is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervision designation. She earned her PhD in Counseling and Human Development Services from Kent State University in 2019. She has experience at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and Kent State University’s Counseling and Human Development. In addition to clinical practice, Kelsey has taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses at Kent State University and John Carroll University since 2011.

Kelsey works with a wide variety of mental and emotional disorders with individuals, couples and families. She provides services for bipolar, depressive, anxiety, obsessive compulsive, somatic and impulse control disorders. Her special interests include chronic disease management and disabilities.

Lauren McVicker Fritz, MA, ATR-BC, LPC

Session: Navigating Grief Around Losses in your Life as a Parent/Caregiver
Lauren McVicker Fritz is a therapist in private practice. She has been practicing for over twenty-five years. Lauren specializes in accompanying people through grief, trauma and significantly life-changing events. She is also the mother of two great young men with Duchenne, ages 16 and 20.

Joslyn Phelps, Jett Foundation Ambassador

Session: Personal Experience, Navigating Your Mental Health and Resources
Joslyn Phelps and her son Jalen were recently diagnosed with Duchenne. After years of fighting to get a diagnosis, and continuing to fight for the correct diagnosis, Joslyn is a fierce advocate. Jett Foundation and its Porch Nites saved Joslyn and inspired her to want to help within the Duchenne community. While they are just beginning to understand his diagnosis, Joslyn is determined to continue to be an advocate for herself and help others advocate for their children. “My strength is what he mimics.”

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