Campers Experience the Magic at Camp Promise Retreat Ohio

September 1, 2022

Camp Promise Retreat Ohio experienced all of the magic and all of the fantastic elements that our campers have seen this summer. From August 10-14, we had 11 campers and 9 volunteers join us at Akron Rotary Camp in Akron, OH for an 18+ retreat.

“The Akron Retreat provided a powerful outlet for campers to express themselves, connect to their community, and realize their independence,” says Rory Eustace, a long-time volunteer and cabin leader.

Our campers experienced a different theme each day of the Camp Promise Retreat in Ohio: wear your favorite TV show shirt day, cabin color day, favorite TV character day, and sports day.

Similar to our Arizona Retreat, campers attended “Coffee Talk” each morning, which is a series of educational topics to get the day started.

“Camp Promise Retreat brought to life the goal of supporting young adults both at camp and in their everyday life,” says Jackie, Director of Camp Promise Retreat Ohio. “We had opportunities to learn more about disability services and support, socialization, coping skills, mental health, and hobbies – all mixed with a lot of camp fun. The connections made are the foundation for the future.”

There were many amazing moments at our Camp Promise Retreat in Ohio, and it would be impossible to pick just one favorite. We hosted our very own “Cash Cab” game show, created glass paintings, danced at “Lake Rexbury Nightclub,” sat around the campfire to tell jokes, and much more.

“The educational pieces, meditation, self-worth, service dogs, and independent living were very valuable and insightful,” says camper Amelia Wong.

“Reuniting with old and new faces for the most memorable and heartwarming camp experience is the best week of my entire year,” says Rose, a first-year volunteer at Camp Promise.

Camp experiences would not be possible without our dedicated campers, volunteers, and sponsors. Thank you to the Dunkin Joy in Childhood Foundation, The Flatley Foundation, PTC Therapeutics, Sarepta Therapeutics, and Yale Appliance for supporting our retreats this year.

“I am grateful that my daughter had the opportunity to go to Camp Promise Retreat. I know she was well taken care of, which is a big relief for me as a parent. I appreciate everyone who made the retreat possible,” says mom Melissa Wong.

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