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How to Manage Your Post-Camp Blues

October 12, 2018

We’re sure you’ve heard of these and have most likely experienced them yourself. They usually start on the last night of camp when you’re dancing your heart out, when you start to realize that the next morning you’ll have to say goodbye and “see you later” to all of your friends (who are really more like family). And then, you go home and get a good night of sleep in your own bed, only to wake up and to find that they’ve really hit like a wrecking ball.

These are the feelings that lurk over you in the days, weeks, sometimes months after you arrive back home after camp has ended. You miss your friends. You miss having mid-day slime fights and late-night themed dances. You miss rainy days at camp when you’re crammed in the Rec Hall, but at least you’re with your best friends. And, you even miss camp food.

So then what? You know you can’t start a paper chain countdown for next year just yet, because who has that kind of space? Well, we know the feels are real and we’ve been there before, too. After 10 summers of camp, we’ve put together some tried and true tips and tricks to combat these post-camp blues, so read on.

First, give your camp yearbooks some love. Whether you have 10 of them, or maybe you just received your first one, make sure you have a specific spot for storing them. And, make sure it’s easy to access so you can dust off the path to memory lane whenever you feel like you need some camp love. Flip the pages, relive the moments, and get lost in the Camp Promise magic, even for a minute. Also, be sure to utilize those rosters to reach out to your camp friends to say hi. If you’re feeling the camp blues, they probably are, too.

Camp Promise-West, 2017.

Second, surround yourself with Pigasus. You all know the power of Pigasus, so as those post-camp blues really creep in, we suggest busting out your camp swag. Whether Pigasus is on a T-shirt, bandana, drawstring bag, or even the popsocket on your phone, it will remind you of the larger camp family amongst which you’re a member. Pigasus is also a flying pig and people are going to ask you about it… which then opens the door for you to word-vomit all of the things that you love and miss most about Camp Promise! So in the morning when you’re deciding what to wear, put on that Camp Promise tee and we promise it will make for a good day.

Lastly, connect with your camp friends! Remember those new friends you met at camp, those new Facebook friend requests you received, the group texts and chats? Just because you’re not at camp, doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. Call, message, text, Facebook, or Snapchat your camp friends. You can even plan get-togethers, dinners, reunions, movie nights, museum tours, costume parties, restaurant outings, trips to the beach, and more. Staying connected to your new friends can really help you find those little pockets of camp outside the summer. Creating your own virtual or real getaways with your camp family will help make those post-camp blues hit the road.

Just know, when those pesky post-camp blues arise, you’re not alone. And know that next summer will be here before you know it. Try going through your camp yearbooks or Facebook photos, wear your camp swag, or plan a group event with those you miss. We promise that this will help create little pockets of camp-ness to your everyday life and can be a one-way ticket to a camp-happy you!

–Post by Meghan Houston

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