Jett Foundation Assists Tennessee Family With Rent Support

September 30, 2022

The Moseley family, who now lives in Tennessee, applied to Jett Foundation’s Emergency Fund after a long stretch of moving and unexpected hardship. The family moved from Montana, to Arizona, to Tennessee within the same year and faced financial barriers in attempting to keep their family comfortable.

Jessica and Jeremiah Moseley have three children: Tristan (11), Ivan (8), and Lily (3). Ivan lives with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Within their many moves, Ivan has experienced challenges with stairs, limited space, and more due to his diagnosis.

The Moseley family has connected with Jett Foundation in the past, but recently heard of the Emergency Fund program and decided to apply. Jessica says, “We were in a really tight spot financially. We stayed with friends for a month until housing opened up and were able to move in because Jett Foundation provided rental assistance. It really helped us to have some breathing room and take some stress off our situation.”

As a branch of Jett Foundation’s Jett Giving Fund, the Emergency Fund assists families, like the Moseley’s, who experience unexpected financial hardship by providing timely financial assistance for necessities such as groceries, housing assistance, utility expenses, or other unforeseen costs.

Wherever they reside, and despite the many challenges, Jessica’s family always enjoys going to the park together, taking hikes, playing video games, and watching movies.

“The biggest challenge I have faced is to stop wasting time worrying about the future and what it holds,” says Jessica. “But I need to change my perspective so that I see every moment in this life with all my loved ones as precious.”

Ivan loves to build LEGOs, explore the outdoors, learn about dinosaurs, and organize his belongings – which he is very good at.

There is hope for more stability in the near future for the Moseley family, and they continue to remind themselves and others to never give up. “We hope to someday have a home of our own that we can make comfortable for Ivan and where we can make more memories as a family,” says Jessica. “You’re not alone on this journey. With organizations like Jett Foundation, there are so many resources and information to help as you navigate through this difficult diagnosis.”

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Established in 2017, Jett Giving Fund has helped transform the lives of many families across the country with nearly $3 million worth of accessible equipment and emergency assistance thanks to the generous support of individual donors, local communities, and major sponsors including Cure Dale’s Duchenne, Sarepta Therapeutics, FibroGen, Flatley Foundation, Ryan’s Quest, Michael’s Cause, and the Killian Family.

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