Karla, Lucas’ Mom

April 6, 2018

Lucas attended Camp Promise-East for the first time in 2016. He was the youngest camper, but that detracted not one bit from his experience. If you’re an awesome person, who is all about the fun and is compassionate and caring, then chances are you’re counselor material. Seriously, Camp Promise has the best camp counselors around. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Lucas already knew Libby & Terin (Camp Directors) from another winter camp experience.

Lucas is a really social kid, so he just loves camp and the independence it brings him of being away from home. He loves that he gets to eat as much junk food as he can handle. As the parent of a child with special needs, knowing that Lucas is in good hands with people he adores and who adore him, is a heart-warming feeling. Sending him to camp for the week is also a true break for me and my husband.

The whole process of applying to camp through the Camp Promise website and the lead up to camp was a piece of cake, we received clear communication along the way and a great packing list made it easy and a pretty stress-free experience for me. Lucas’ main concern about going away to sleepaway camp is the food. He’s a foodie, and loves spice, so he usually comes home from camp requesting Thai hot jungle curry or drunken noodles. If there was Thai food at camp, he might never return home!

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