Reintroducing the Team: Get to know Caitlin!

October 30, 2020

Reintroducing Caitlin Hughes, our dedicated and passionate Development Coordinator! As a development coordinator, one of the joys of Caitlin’s job is helping families from all around the country.

Working at Jett Foundation has been a devoting and tangible experience. Looking back to her fondest memories participating at Jett Foundation programs and events, Caitlin certainly misses seeing everyone in person. “I miss seeing our Duchenne community in person,” says Caitlin. “The amazing boys, their families, and all the clinicians who support them.”

In three words, Caitlin would sum up her work from home experience these past several months with adapt, snacks, and clingy dog.

Caitlin’s loveable pooch keeping her company while she works remotely.

Given the global pandemic, Jett Foundation staff are working remotely to ensure everyone’s safety. One aspect Caitlin misses about being in the office is being able to work together face-to-face. “I miss the energy of in-person collaboration!”

While Caitlin may miss the excitement of interacting with her fellow Jett colleagues, the time spent working remotely has garnered up the opportunity to try out some new activities at home.

Some of the newfound hobbies or activities Caitlin has started to partake in since working remotely are “painstakingly-intricate” jigsaw puzzles, podcasts, yoga, and cooking.

Puzzles and yoga are great ways to stay entertained at home, but finding a balance between play and concentration can still be challenging. When asked to share a few valuable tips on how to stay concentrated when working from home, Caitlin shares, “a good designated workspace away from busy windows and with no background Netflix!”

To connect with Caitlin or ask questions about all things development, donations, or database, you can email her at [email protected].

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