What’s In Your Bag? A Guide to Our Campers’ Favorite Things to Bring to Camp

June 15, 2018

Camp is a time to get away from the day-to-day; it is one week of the year where we break from the traditional and go a little outside our comfort zone, try new things, and be with our friends.

Being away from home can be… amazing! It can also be a big change if you’ve never been to camp before. And, even for those campers who have joined us on this wild ride for more than one summer, sometimes bringing something special from home can make all the difference.

So to help out those who haven’t been to camp before, we asked our veteran campers what they bring to camp to make them feel more comfortable during their week at Camp Promise. From Mountain Dew soft drinks to stuffed animals and everything in between, we have discovered the most commonly packed special items for camp.

Extra blankets and stuffed animals are by far the most popular items that campers bring to camp. Campers told us that the blankets were important because it can be cool in the cabin at night and early in the morning. Beloved stuffed animals also make their way into the bags of campers pretty often, and range from a fierce (but, snuggly) crocodile to the ever-popular teddy bear.

For some campers, extra pillows help with propping them up at night and maintaining a comfortable position. Mattress toppers can also make the camp beds a little more comfortable for the week.

At camp, we do try to limit the amount of electronics we use, but even we know how important music is to everyone (talent show, anyone?). Campers may use their cell phones or other music players to play music, and if you like listening to music before you go to bed, brining a pair of headphones wouldn’t hurt.

Some of our campers say having their friends (or their siblings!) at camp provides both comfort and support. Sometimes, “friends” include the furry, fluffy, slobbery kind as we’ve often had service dogs join us and become a part of the cabin crew. There was also a pet rock who made the list!

Whether you bring a lucky hat, favorite necklace, or a pile of warm blankets, we encourage you to pack what you’ll need to be comfortable. You will be spending the week making new memories and trying new things with a group of fun-loving, excited campers and volunteers, so bring things that will help make you comfortable and ready for each day.

So, get those bags packed!

–Post by Shannon Healey

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