A Day In The Life Of Molly:

Spend a virtual day with Molly, one of our Purple Cabin gals. Her first year at camp was in 2016, so she knows what all of you prospective campers are thinking about when it comes to making a decision about coming to camp.


“I was always the first one up, but it took the longest to get me up so it didn’t matter. My two counselors would come over and start helping me get dressed for the day before we struggled to hoyer me into the chair (hey, if you’ve never done it before it can be hard. But, have patience and in the end it’ll be easy!).”


“We’d always end up digging through my duffle bag to find a hair piece, my jewelry or my make-up for that day’s costume (make sure to be organized, it will make it easier in the long run!) before going to wash my face and brush my teeth in the bathroom. Then’d we’d put on the rest of our costumes and rush to breakfast always saying “I hope OUR table is open.”

Molly and her counselor on Stars 'N Stripes Day. Camp Promise-East, 2016


“Breakfast time. I’m not a huge breakfast eater, but we all made sure to eat something so we’d have energy. Here’s a tip: if you’re a picky eater or worried about camp food, pack snacks. It can be a toss up if it’ll always be something you like and it’s better safe than sorry. For me, it was more a time to go over the schedule for the day and decide what we wanted to do.”


“It’s time for the first activity, which for us was the one we did by cabin. It was probably the most fun as it was just us girls. We were goofy and had a lot of laughs, but we still managed to get the activity done and we always did it the best of the other cabins. I’m probably biased, but it’s my cabin: I’ll always be proud!”


“The next activity was always with the whole camp, at least all the ones who chose to participate. My favorite was video game jeopardy where I kicked butt. Having two older brothers paid off apparently because I knew stuff I didn’t know I did (like the Mortal Kombat theme song). The lesson here is to just have fun and try everything. I didn’t know if I’d be good, and even if I wasn’t it was a lot of fun because everyone was having fun together.”


“Lunch time is filled with laughter, rumors and talks of what to do during rest hour. It’s probably the loudest time of day besides the end-of-the-day activity. My least favorite lunch was chef salad, and my favorite was the 4th of July cookout. And the best part was the impromptu prom proposal to the tune of Greece (way to go, Eli!)!”

Story-boarding for the filmmaking elective. Camp Promise-East, 2016


“Rest hour arrives and it is the quietest time of day, in sharp contrast to lunch. It’s the best time to catch up on some sleep because let’s be honest, it’s really difficult to sleep in a bed that isn’t yours (egg crates really help though!). This is a good time to get to know your counselor and bunkmates, as well as plan some pranks and rumors or even some prom proposals. Just relax and do you.”


“Though this was traditionally swim time, I didn’t go swimming. I took this time to work on a painting/drawing that I wanted to get done for my Elective. It was relaxing and more of my thing than swimming. It’s good to note that Camp Promise won’t force you to do things you don’t want too, and they try their best to make you feel comfortable. If you want to swim, go swim. If you don’t, go have fun doing what is fun for you (and safe!).”

Casino Night. Camp Promsie-East, 2016


“Snack time! Choco tacos were an odd first that I didn’t think I’d ever say, more because I didn’t know they were a thing. But, snacks are a great thing to boost energy if lunch wasn’t your favorite and just to get some sugar into your system…what’s camp without SOME unhealthy food?!”


“More activities, the kind that are free choice. I tried to rotate different things, but tended to go to arts and crafts. That painting had to get done eventually!”


“Elective time arrives and for me that was filmmaking. I always wondered what it would be like to direct a movie or short film and was thrilled to be able to live it out. Especially with our wonderful teacher who was so kind and patient. My favorite memory was when I said something that just made sense to me and he said, “You sure you haven’t done this before?” It just meant a lot. The best part of camp is doing things you never dreamed you’d be able too.”


“Dinner means more laughs, more rumors, more prom-posals, and more food. The company is good so who cares what else is going on.”


“Time to get ready for end of the day activity, whatever it may be and try to be the first one there– I was first 3 times because “ladies first.”

Talent show. Camp Promise-East, 2016


“The end of the day activity starts. They are filled with happy campers, happy staff and just fun. Casino night was a blast, for me it was the first time I played poker – and out of sheer luck I won my first two games. How? No idea, I was just going “these look like nice cards!”. Magic night was interesting, I still can’t figure out how he did the ring trick and I was the one holding the rings! It all went over my head. The talent show was great, too, even if the computer went out while I was singing my song. Good thing a teacher in high school prepared me with some acapella songs (here’s a tip: turn your chair off so you don’t hit it and start spinning). And, on the last night of camp, our Prom was way better than my high school prom!”

Under The Sea prom. Camp Promise-East, 2016


“Rush back to the cabins to take meds and get ready for bed. Being in the older cabin meant we had a later curfew, but we were always so tired we all went to bed around the same time. Don’t forget to teach your counselor(s) how to plug in your chair to charge overnight– you will use your chair way more at camp than you do at home, so your battery will run down much faster at camp!”

Overall Camp Score: 10/10, and I would definitely come again!

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