Cruz Family

Fundraising for an Accessible Van

The Cruz Family is from Gainesville, Georgia, and faces many challenges that come with a Duchenne muscular dystrophy diagnosis each day. Victor (23), Christian (18), and Alan (16) Cruz live with Duchenne and are cared for by their father, Martin and mother, Mireya. Duchenne is a progressive neuromuscular disorder that causes a loss of motor, pulmonary, and cardiac function.

Victor and Christian rely on power chairs to get around. Alan uses a manual wheelchair and is also living with an autism diagnosis. However, their current vehicle can only fit one chair, so traveling as a family has become unsafe and near impossible.

Martin says, “We try to do anything with the boys to make them happy, whether that be taking them to a game or the store. If all three boys come with us, I must attach a trailer to my truck to put their chairs in. We then have to lift them in and out of the truck which is dangerous.”

All three boys have been chair-dependent since 2017, forcing their parents to risk injury and everyone’s safety with lifts and an inaccessible vehicle. “Having an accessible vehicle would allow us to cultivate a more independent life for our sons,” they share.

As participants in Jett Foundation’s Accessible Vehicle Fund branch of the Jett Giving Fund, the Cruz Family will aim to raise half or more of the funds needed for their accessible vehicle before Jett Foundation steps in to cover the remaining costs and purchase the vehicle outright.

The Cruz family shares, “An accessible vehicle will allow Victor, Christian, and Alan to experience more freedom and would reduce the physical tax that Duchenne places on their bodies. The boys will also be able to receive more medical attention.”

You can help the Cruz Family attain the freedom and independence they deserve by contributing toward their fundraising goal below!

All donations to Jett Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed under applicable law and is an unrestricted contribution to the Jett Giving Fund. The family is working to raise half the funds needed for their van or more; when they reach their goal, Jett Foundation will cover the remaining costs and coordinate purchase and delivery of the vehicle. Please note that your contribution will be combined with other Jett Giving Fund donations to ensure that each of the children in the Jett Giving Fund initiative benefit from your generosity.

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About Jett Giving Fund’s Accessible Vehicle Fund

Jett Giving Fund is Jett Foundation’s financial assistance program for families impacted by Duchenne muscular dystrophy who are in need of accessible vehicles or emergency support. As part of the Accessible Vehicle Fund, families fundraise half the funds needed or more for an accessible vehicle, and Jett Foundation covers the remaining costs once they reach their goal. 

If other resources have already been used to meet a specific need, if there is no longer a specific need, and/or if donations have been received in excess of a specific need, donations made in furtherance of a specific need will be applied for general purposes of the Jett Giving Fund. If the Jett Giving Fund no longer exists, all donations will be applied to further the general charitable mission of Jett Foundation.

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